Batting Training Aid

At The Hitting Tee, we know that hitters are always looking for that extra edge, which inspired us to create a number of attachments for our already high-caliber hitting aid. For batters looking to flatten their swing and avoid dropping their barrel, we have created The Perfect Tee, helping hitters to get to it and through it! By attaching directly to the mantle of The Hitting Tee, The Perfect Tee helps users focus on creating a more direct path to the ball, eliminating any excess in their swing and improving the ever-crucial bat speed that scouts are always looking for.

For hitters who are having trouble keeping their barrel inside the ball, The Hitting Tee has developed the Insider Tee attachment. This attachment fits directly onto both The Hitting Tee and The Bucket Tee and helps to ensure that users are Getting All Ball at the point of contact by preventing casting out. For more information on any of our available attachments or to customize a tee for you or your team, give The Hitting Tee a call today!


The Hitting Tee Offers Batting Training Aid in Seaside, CA
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