Batting Tee

Unlike outdated tees which will typically either fall over or simply aren't able to stand up to the rigors of repeated usage, The Hitting Tee has created a tee that offers hitters with unmatched sturdiness while also giving them the most game-like hitting experience that a batting tee can offer. Thanks to its polyurethane cup and delrin rod, along with its simple but effective construction, this will be the only tee that you need.

In addition to its spectacular endurance, The Hitting Tee also provides teams and individuals with a tee that quickly breaks down for simple transport, meaning you can work on your swing at home or on the road. Every tee we make is made in America and comes backed by a limited 2-year warranty, but thanks to the care and pride that goes into the construction of each and every tee, we are confident that you will not need to make use of that warranty. If you or your organization are looking to Get All Ball, give The Hitting Tee a call today!


The Hitting Tee Offers Batting Tees in Seaside, CA
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