The Hitting Tee is a Batting Tee Manufacturer in Seaside, CA

Whether you are just starting your baseball career, are looking to break into the bigs, or are looking to coach the best hitting team in the league, The Hitting Tee can provide you with the ideal hitting aids to fine tune every aspect of your swing. After extensive testing and research, we strongly believe that we have built a batting tee that replicates the feel of game-time hitting as closely as possible, while also creating a product that will stand up to the harshness of a baseball or softball swing.

In addition to manufacturing the most durable and versatile baseball tee on the market, The Hitting Tee also produces a number of hitting aids that can be easily added to your Hitting Tee. Whether you are looking for a way to get as many swings in as possible in a short amount of time or are looking for a way to keep your barrel inside the ball and avoid casting the barrel out, we have an attachment to fit your needs. Even if none of our aids are targeting exactly what you want to work on, we can work with you to design a hitting tee that works best for you, your team, or your organization.

The Hitting Tee, based in Seaside, CA, has already created a large base of happy customers, from youth baseball and softball academies to collegiate baseball coaches. Customer after customer has raved about the Tee's durability and flexibility, with many of our tees providing clients with years of extensive use. We would love to add you to our growing list of happy and satisfied customers and help you to Get All Ball!


The Hitting Tee is a Batting Tee Manufacturer in Seaside, CA
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